A World Between: A Novel

A World Between: A Novel

by Emily Hashimoto
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Curator’s note

In this sweet, poignant book, two immigrant American millennials have a college fling and years later, find themselves pulled towards each other even though they have both grown and changed. These women are worlds apart and yet, interconnected. The story follows them as they try to navigate family, female friendship, and their own history, showing us what it means to be messy and carry baggage while trying to be our true selves.

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In 2004, college students Eleanor Suzuki and Leena Shah meet in an elevator. Both girls are on the brink of adulthood, each full of possibility and big ideas, and they fall into a whirlwind romance. Years later, Eleanor and Leena collide on the streets of San Francisco. Although grown and changed and each separately partnered, the two find themselves, once again, irresistibly pulled back together.

Emily Hashimoto’s debut novel perfectly captures the wonder and confusion of growing up and growing closer. Narrated in sparkling prose, A World Between follows two strikingly different but interconnected women as they navigate family, female friendship, and their own fraught history.

About the author

Emily U. Hashimoto is a writer from the suburbs of New Jersey. She’s a graduate of Rutgers University with a degree in women’s & gender studies, and her M.S. in Information Science from Pratt Institute. Her first novel, A World Between, follows two queer women of color over the course of thirteen years as they grow away from and towards each other. She lives in New York (USA) with her wife and child.

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