Letters of a Thousand Speeches

Letters of a Thousand Speeches

by S. Sulianah
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This book was donated by a lovely supporter of the library!


Letters of a Thousand Speeches (LOATS) - Prose Poetry is the second published book by S.Sulianah. The piece is an amalgamation of prose poems and flashbacks of moments written like a letter for a woman.

This published book is an important piece by the writer in which if one day she is no longer in this world, she hopes that this woman she is in love with understands how she meant to her and how she valued every moments when they were together. Obviously, the writer has no guts to express this overwhelming feelings in person. And the only way she could tell her were through body language, touches and attention.

In comparison to her first poetry collection, Masterpiece in Your Heart, this piece was written by S. Sulianah with no filters of what if someone reads these and now knows I am in love with a woman.

About the author

S. Sulianah loves to explore the metaphors and ironies of the moments she experiences, and expresses them in short stories, poems, and novels, carving the essence of life in motivational articles and phrases. 

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