Peculiar Chris

Peculiar Chris

by Johann S. Lee
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Curators note

When this novel was published in 1992, it was Singapore's first gay novel. Now, nearly 3 decades later, its story still tugs at our heartstrings. There is something inexplicably emotional about reading the story of a gay man in Singapore — for the first time, we felt truly and directly represented in a work of fiction. Peculiar Chris is at once a reminder of how far the LGBTQ+ movement in Singapore has come in the last few decades, as well as how much things still remain the same for so many of us.


Now funny, now poignant, but always honest and thought-provoking. Peculiar Chris is a simple story about complex feelings. About coming-of-age. About love. About life and death.

With subtlety, lucidness and quiet courage, Johann S. Lee weaves an intricate fabric of thoughts and emotions, and portrays a human experience hithero unexplored in Singapore fiction.

About the author

Johann S. Lee is a Singaporean author. He studied law at King's College, and became a Chartered Accountant afterwards. He now lives and works in London.

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