Permanent Partners: Building Gay & Lesbian Relationships That Last

Permanent Partners: Building Gay & Lesbian Relationships That Last

by Dr. Betty Berzon
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Curator’s note

Small side note: this book is a little American-centric, and was written before marriage was extended to everyone in all states in the US.


Permanent Partners, for a decade and a half, has been the authoritative guide to gay and lesbian relationships. In this updated and revised edition, Dr. Betty Berzon offers up-to-the-minute advice on emotional, financial, and legal issues that two men or two women face as they create a life together. She draws on 35 years of experience counselling gay couples to help readers improve communication, resolve conflicts, and make their love and commitment last. 

About the author

Dr. Betty Berzon was an American author and psychotherapist known for her work with the gay and lesbian communities. She was among the first psychotherapists to assist gay and lesbian clients. After coming out as a lesbian in 1968, she began providing therapy to gay and lesbian folks, and in 1971, she organised the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Community Services Center as well as an organisation of gays and lesbians within the American Psychiatric Association, which declassified homosexuality as a mental illness two years later.

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