SQ21: Singapore Queers In The 21st Century

SQ21: Singapore Queers In The 21st Century

by Ng Yi-Sheng
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First published in 2006, the groundbreaking collection of coming out stories was the first affirming non-fiction volume accompanied by real names and faces. Written in light, clear prose, SQ21 shows an unabashed straightforward honesty and finds inspiration in the lives of these ordinary Singaporeans.

Though a bestseller that won acclaim as The Straits Times non-fiction book of that year, SQ21 remained out-of-print for nearly a decade. This new reprint comes updates with fresh material – a new interview by Ng Yi-Sheng, and a new foreword by the editor Jason Wee.

About the editor

Ng Yi-Sheng is a poet, fictionist, playwright, journalist, and a noted LGBTQ+ rights activist. His debut poetry collection, last boy, won the Singapore Literature Prize in 2008. Over the past few years, he has been particularly active in the performance poetry scene, and was a founding member of the spoken word troupe The Party Action People. He was a co-curator of the sadly defunct multi-disciplinary arts event the SPORE Art Salon and continues to co-organise the annual LGBT literary evening, ContraDiction.

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