The Book of Sainted Aunts

The Book of Sainted Aunts

by Anna Onni
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Curator’s note

This novel was donated by a lovely supporter of our library!


[obsolete] An “aunt” is slang for middle-aged and elderly gay men or lesbian women (who were often mentors taking on protective roles for younger ones), reclaimed from the original association with an old madam who runs a prostitution brothel. 

[current] The sainted aunts who have come before us have only been recently recognised. Since queerdom came, the revised requirements for sainthood have become more inclusive to the diverse forms of martyrdom and falsely-named sins of the past. 

About the author

Anna Onni’s life goals include living in an environmentally-sustainable commune, getting over her debauched postcolonial hangover, and paying someone to convert the tunes of “Poisoning Pigeons in the Park” and other Tom Lehrer favourites into a low-fi hip-hop album for her to play on loop. She is an asexual panromantic living in Singapore who posts doodles and shower thoughts on Instagram (@annaonni). In her spare time, she is an educator who illustrates and rips up old periodicals and books into crafting materials. 

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