Violence & Discrimination Against LBTQ Women in Singapore

Violence & Discrimination Against LBTQ Women in Singapore

by Sayoni
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Curator’s note

This report is important — it provides an extensive look at the various ways queer women in Singapore have been subject to violence and discrimination. Its chapters are split according to broad themes, and by the end, you’d be left wondering how deluded people must be to claim that queer folks don’t face any discrimination in Singapore. 

A digital version of the report can be read here.

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Content warning: This book touches on the subject of trauma, abuse, and suicide.

Singapore actively proclaims its duty to protect all LGBT persons living in Singapore. Yet human rights violations against LBTQ persons in the country remain largely invisible and persistent. Although Section 377A of the penal code does not criminalise lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer (LBTQ) persons, it institutionalises a legislative and administrative framework of discrimination based on sexuality and gender, and promotes violence and discrimination.

The book is based on 9 months of research with 40 interviewees, and contains 14 chapters that look into the different ways LBTQ persons in Singapore are discriminated and subject to violence. 

About the author

Sayoni is Singapore's leading LBTQ women's organisation that's focused on advocating for the equality and wellbeing of queer women. 

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